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Donald Trump Jr. Calls Republican Senator ‘Too Weak’ To Stand Up To Democrats

Donald Trump Jr. Calls Republican Senator ‘Too Weak’ To Stand Up To Democrats

President Donald Trump’s eldest son went on a long-winded rant during a “Fox & Friends” interview on Thursday morning aboard the USS New York, calling out a Republican Senate committee chairman while doing so.

Delving into several topics surrounding his father and himself, Trump Jr. also spoke about his impending testimony he’s set to give before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Although it was a Republican-led committee that issued a subpoena toward him earlier this year, Trump Jr. seemed agitated about the issue at times, and was indignant about having to appear before the committee once more.  He blamed Democrats at several points for not dropping inquiries into his father’s or his own actions.

“No one’s spoken to these guys more than I have. I’ve done almost 30 hours of testimony about nonsense, been fully cleared,” Trump Jr. said.

Specifically, Trump Jr. called out Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, a member of Trump Sr.’s own Republican Party.

There’s “one Republican” on the Senate Intelligence Committee “who is too weak to stand up to the Democrats,” Trump Jr. said, according to Fox News.

Trump Jr. also lashed out at Democrats for continuing their inquiries into his father and the administration. He defended the president for refusing to work in a bipartisan way with Democratic leaders, mirroring a similar complaint that Trump Sr. had made about being able to work with them while also being subjected to oversight.

“You can’t deal with someone like that,” Trump Jr. said. “You can’t say we’re going to deal with infrastructure, but meanwhile we’re impeaching you while that is going on.”

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Trump Jr.’s statement is somewhat disingenuous. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has specifically said her party is not yet pursuing impeachment. Although it remains an option, she has recognized that impeachment proceedings are exactly what the president wants to see happen.

The party is not going in that direction right now, and “that’s why he flipped” out, Pelosi said according to USA Today.

Trump Jr. was subpoenaed to speak before the Intelligence Committee several weeks ago, although knowledge about the subpoena only became known at the beginning of May. The president’s son may have reasons to be concerned: his previous testimony before the committee is inconsistent with what others have said about his actions.

The president’s former “fixer”, lawyer Michael Cohen, had testified to the committee that he had overheard Trump Jr. speaking to his father about a meeting to get dirt on his 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, which culminated in a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. Previously, Trump Jr. told the committee he had never discussed the meeting with his father.

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