Donald Trump Jr. Calls for US To Stop Supporting Ukraine in War Against Russia

Donald Trump and his family seemingly never got the memo that Russia was not an ally of the United States. Donald Trump famously said that he trusts Vladimir Putin's word over that of his own intelligence people. Trump Jr. took a meeting with Russians in Trump Tower in the lead-up to the 2020 election. 

Even today, Donald Trump boasts that he could end the war in Ukraine in a matter of minutes. Donald Trump Jr. is taking it a step further. He wants the United States to stop giving aid to Ukraine and allow the country to be taken over. 

In a profane rant directed at Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Trump Jr. began, "merica doesn't need to keep funding an endless war with no path to victory. If NATO is worried about Russia encroaching on NATO maybe they should be funding more of this but as always they let America do all the funding while they get virtually all the benefit."

The former President's son continued, "No more big wars no more funding the military industrial complex! For those of you who are idiots Ukraine lost this war quite some time ago we're just keeping them on life-support with never ending money!"

Trump and his family have never shown even the faintest capacity to understand foreign policy. This is just further proof of that.