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Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Justin Trudeau For Supporting Gender Equality

Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Justin Trudeau For Supporting Gender Equality

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently made international headlines during a town hall-style meeting in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada’s PM corrected a young woman who used the word “mankind” replacing her choice of word with “peoplekind.”

The correction was a good natured attempt to highlight equality after the women said, “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind” The audience loved the comment but a member of Trump’s family was not impressed.

Following Trudeau’s comment, Donald Trump Jr. decided to attack the internationally admired PM on Twitter.

Donald Trump Jr. only made his comment after David Axelrod welcomed Trudeau to the University of Chicago.

Stephen Miller, a FoxNews.com contributor, also joined in at taking a swipe at the Canadian Prime Minister’s original fun-natured comment by drawing attention to Axelrod’s use of the pronoun, “He.”


Just so we’re clear, a full-grown man attacked the Canadian Prime Minister of Canada for promoting inclusivity and female empowerment. It’s not as though we would expect more from a member of the Trump family. This is the family after all that believes it’s okay to grab women by their privates, have affairs with porn stars and walk in on underage girls who are in the middle of changing during beauty contests.

Welcome to the Red State…

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