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Donald Trump Jr. Appears To Disguise Neo-Nazi Dog Whistle In Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. Appears To Disguise Neo-Nazi Dog Whistle In Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. Neo-Nazi dog whistle

It appears that Donald Trump Jr. disguised a Neo-Nazi dog whistle in a tweet he sent out Saturday morning. The son of President Donald Trump tweeted out an attack against independent Maine Sen. Angus King that contains the number 88 in an incorrect statistic.

The tweet called the senator a “Fake Independent” and claimed he votes with Sen. Chuck Schumer “88% of the time.” Trump Jr. also wrote, “Angus wants to repopulate Maine with Syrian and Somalian refugees.”

The problem is, Sen. King doesn’t vote with Sen. Schumer 88% of the time. And the number 88 is a calling card for Neo-Nazis that means “Heil Hitler.” Considering his dad’s propensity for lies, it’s possible Donald Trump Jr. simply wrote the wrong number. However, that seems unlikely.

For one, it’s easy to look up the correct statistic, which is 83%. At such a similar number, there’s no need to lie about it.

State Sen. Eric Brakey, a Republican who is challenging Sen. King for his seat, tweeted out something similar less than a week ago, claiming the left’s “new strategy is mass importation of new voters to transform our political culture.”

For their part, other Twitter users pointed out that California and Texas aren’t becoming more liberal because of immigrants. One Maine resident added, “The Immigrant community does more to revitalize our cities than @GOP. Without them, we’re an aging society with fewer & fewer people who are young enough to work.”

While some pointed out the racism in Trump Jr.’s immigrant comment, ThinkProgress journalist Aaron Rupar stuck with the number 88. He wrote, “Let’s be clear about what happened here — Donald Trump Jr misstated statistics so he could attack Angus King with a neo-Nazi dogwhistle.”

Sen. Brakey praised Donald Trump Jr.s tweet on Saturday, writing, “Thank you, we support your family!”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. hasn’t hit back against critics claiming he purposefully tweeted out 88 as a “Heil Hitler” dog whistle.

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