Donald Trump Jr Appears To Accuse His Dad Of Crimes In Project Lincoln Mock Ad

Donald Trump Jr. released a six-minute-long video trashing Joe Biden’s family — calling them corrupt, accusing Biden and his son Hunter of criminal activity in Ukraine, and throwing out accusations around prostitution and human trafficking, among other things. The Lincoln Project took on the video, and by the time it left their proverbial cutting room, only a minute was left, illustrating the tendency of the Trump family to accuse others of everything they’re credibly accused of themselves.

Don Jr attacks dad in ad
[Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images]

The new version of the video is much shorter, and opens with Jr. appearing to call his dad “one of the most unethical humans in political history.” Other cuts mean that instead of accusing the Bidens of unethical dealings in Ukraine, drug use, and extortion, the president’s oldest son appears to level these accusations at his own father.

“My father leveraged his political power to sell out the United States of America to our enemies and enrich himself!”

While the video is left choppy enough for a plausible claim of satire, it’s a clear response to the many times Donald Trump and his family and campaign have shared videos that are manipulated or deceptively edited.

It also starkly calls out that much of what the Trumps accuse Joe Biden of — including sexual misconduct and political corruption — are the same things that they’ve been called out for or caught in. For example, the president is currently dodging discovery on a case regarding a sexual assault he’s accused of, and he was impeached over activity connected to Ukraine.

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