Donald Trump Jr. and Ronna McDaniel Slam Hunter Biden for Benefiting From Nepotism

While the news cycle has been heavily focused on the impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump, it has also circled around Hunter Biden. The former Vice President’s son was, of course, the subject who Trump reportedly wanted the Ukrainian government to investigate.

Donald Trump Jr
Photo Credit: Flickr: Gage Skidmore

Hunter Biden recently spoke with NBC News in an effort to defend himself against allegations of criminal activity. Donald Trump Jr. and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel blasted the businessman as someone who has heavily benefited from nepotism.

Ronna McDaniel is the niece of Utah senator and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Her grandfather, George, was a three term governor in the state of Michigan. She dropped Romney from her name shortly after Donald Trump became president.

The RNC chair tweeted, “Let me get this straight…Hunter Biden got $50K a month from a Ukrainian energy company, despite having ZERO experience in energy. His justification? That he was also on the board of Amtrak – more obvious nepotism. If that’s not the swamp, I don’t know what is!”

The president’s son and namesake also weighed in on Hunter Biden. “Dumpster fire at Biden HQ, wrote Trump Jr. ‘It is impossible for me to be on any of the boards I just mentioned without saying that I’m the son of the vice president of the US. I don’t think that there’s a lot of things that would have happen in my life that if my name wasn’t Biden’ Hunter Biden.”

Writer Judd Legum pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump Jr’s words. He tweeted, “Donald Trump Jr.’s resume: 1. Ski bum 2. Executive Vice President for the Trump Organization, his father’s company 3. Judge on the Apprentice, his father’s TV show 4. Anti-nepotism activist.”


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