Donald Trump Jr. Accidentally Tried Going to Nancy Pelosi’s Office Before State of the Union

Donald Trump Jr. entered Statuary Hall for his father’s State of the Union address, accidentally starting the trek to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office before he realized his error and turned back, according to a report from Roll Call.

Trump Jr. reportedly intended to pay a visit to the office of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Those on the Hill suspect the route was unfamiliar to Trump Jr., “given that [former House Speaker] Paul Ryan inhabited that office when Republicans controlled the House.”

Party leadership does often meet with family members, political figures and State of the Union guests ahead of a president’s State of the Union address. It is not known what Trump Jr. would have wanted to discuss ahead of the event.

The House Intelligence Committee will vote this morning on the “transmission of certain committee transcripts to the Department of Justice,” which would allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to proceed with perjury charges against Trump Jr. and his brother-in-law, presidential adviser Jared Kushner, should the special counsel conclude they lied to Congress about matters related to the probe into Russia’s subversion of the 2016 presidential election.

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