Donald Trump Is Telling The ‘Found Ballots’ Lie Again

After he lost his election in November, Donald Trump relied on numerous lies and conspiracy theories to falsely claim that he’d won, and fundraise off the pretense of victimhood. Now that his complaints appear to have helped lose the Senate runoffs for Georgia Republicans, and flip Congress blue, he’s repurposing one of the most egregious lies to attack Georgia’s elections again.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

During the presidential election, Trump latched onto false claims that extra ballots had been ‘found,’ or manufactured, to engineer a Biden win. The truth was much simpler. Votes are reported as individual counties complete their counts. Larger counties, with more votes, take longer to count, and tend to be later reporting. These counties, with their larger cities, also tend to lean toward Democrats.In this case, the large number of mail-in ballots also tended towards Democratic candidates, likely in part because Trump sowed fear of mail-in ballots among his base. These ballots were counted last.

For these reasons, election experts warned even before Election Day that it wouldn’t be a surprise if Trump led in the beginning, then fell behind.

Still, Trump continues to claim — even after being unable to show any evidence in court — that he won, and promote these false stories about ‘found’ and faked ballots.

Now that both Democratic candidates, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, appear to have won their Senate elections in Georgia, he’s reiterating the same false claim, insisting that officials ‘found’ ballots late in the evening.

It’s not true, just as it wasn’t true before.

As the New York Times reports, Tuesday evening the races were both close, but outstanding votes were largely from DeKalb County and Fulton County — two large counties that hold Atlanta’s population, and typically vote blue. These aren’t secret surprise votes from some shady source — they’re the votes cast by voters in Georgia.

Despite Trump’s tweets, there’s no evidence whatsoever of any misconduct in the Georgia Senate Elections — even if the President doesn’t like the choice the people made.

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