Donald Trump Is Recruiting a Poll Watching ‘Army’ to Monitor Polling Stations for Voter Fraud Hours After Encouraging Supporters to Illegally Vote Twice

President Donald on Trump on Thursday marshaled his supporters to enlist in an “army” to intimidate voters at the polls on November 3, hours after instructing them to commit voter fraud by mailing in ballots and voting in person. Trump votes by mail.

“Volunteer to be a Trump Election Poll Watcher,” Trump tweeted. “Sign up today! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Team Trump’s plans to lurk at polling places and snoop on voters is outlined on his “Election Day Team” website,  armyfortrump.com, which gives a brief synopse of what the job – unpaid and legally questionable – entails.

“As a member of our Election Day Team, you will assist Team Trump and grassroots operations across the country on Election Day 2020,” Army for Trump explains. “Our Election Day Team primarily focuses on Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) to ensure any voters who did not vote early vote on election day. Depending on the state, volunteers may be involved in other Election Day activities such as precinct coverage.”

Check out the recruitment video below.

Voting twice is illegal. So is encouraging others to do so. But in hotly contested swing states like North Carolina, which went blue for Barack Obama in 2008), Trump eked out a narrow victory in 2016 over Democract Hillary Clinton. This year, with the coronavirus pandemic expected to worsen this fall, and an all-out assault against the United States Postal Service, Trump has been making concerted efforts to make voting a nightmare and delegitimize the election so that he can remain in power.

“Trump told postal voters in North Carolina to vote twice – once by mail and once in person – to make sure their first vote counts. ‘Send it in early and then go and vote… you can’t let them take your vote away,’ he said. Voting more than once in an election is illegal,” Channel 4 News wrote on Twitter.

In Pennsylvania, a state that had not sent a Republican to the White House since 1988, shocked the country when Trump won its 20 Electoral College votes by a margin of only 44,000 in the 2016 election. Thus, the Trump campaign, desperate to maintain its sweep of the Rust Belt, is fighting a law that would prevent its volunteers from harassing voters at the polls.

These efforts were reported by CNN last month, noting that progressives fear that Trump’s rabid, white nationalist base is drooling for a fight.

Wendy Weiser of the liberal-leaning Brennan Center for Justice said that “by and large, having these mobilized security forces out at the polls is just a powder keg,” and that “there is just a very high risk in a hotly contested and emotionally heated environment of people crossing the line.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Morgan, general counsel for the Trump campaign, said, “Republicans will be ready to make sure the polls are being run correctly, securely, and transparently as we work to deliver the free and fair election Americans deserve.”

Voter fraud by mail or in-person is statistically insignificant in the United States and does not pose a threat to the legitimacy of American elections. But the illusion of it certainly can, and that is what Trump and the Republicans are banking on.

Do not let them sabotage democracy. Vote.

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