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Donald Trump Is Now Begging His Fans For Positive Reviews For Truth Social

Donald Trump Is Now Begging His Fans For Positive Reviews For Truth Social

Is there anything more important to Donald Trump than receiving praise and accolades from his adoring public? Now, he’s asking the same thing for his social media platform, Truth Social. He seems to believe that there is a whole conspiracy to attack the site via reviews, and destroy yet another of his questionable accomplishments.

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Monday morning, Trump apparently encountered the claim that his site is being brigaded, with Democrats and other anti-Trumpers heading to the Apple App Store to leave negative reviews. He retweeted — sorry, that’s “retruthed,” because the site is definitely totally not a Twitter knockoff clone — this claim, and then made a post of his own begging for positive reviews.

[In this screenshot from Donald Trump/Truth Social, the former president reposts a claim that Dems are attacking his site with negative reviews, then adds a post of his own begging his fans to counter the alleged attack.]

He claimed that “the disinformation lunatics” were trying to damage his site, and reiterated a claim that Twitter desperately wants him back on their platform, assuring fans that his presence makes Truth Social the superior platform.

Trump doesn’t seem to have actually checked the ratings or reviews in the App Store before spreading this conspiracy theory, though. While it’s likely that some folks have headed over to give a bad review purely for the sake of attacking Trump, there’s no sign it’s doing much damage to the site.

As of Monday morning, the app’s rating was 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the majority of reviews used glowing language such as “This is the greatest platform ever! I can speak my mind freely!” and “I have not seen one comment or post that is anywhere remotely racist,” and “It’s BIBLICAL !!! The GREAT AWAKENING ON TRUTHSOCIAL!!!”

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In fact, several reviews actually have complaints — such as the length of time it took to access the site, and the glitches and missing features — but still rate the app at 5 stars.

How about a negative review, then? If the site is being brigaded, then one might expect contradicting reviews — for example, ones that attack political ideology. Instead, we see frustration at the lack of access — in other words, a review of the site’s functionality, not politics.

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