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Donald Trump Invents ‘Internet Tax’ Then Accuses Amazon Of Not Paying It

Donald Trump Invents ‘Internet Tax’ Then Accuses Amazon Of Not Paying It

President Donald Trump on Wednesday invented a fake internet tax and then accused Amazon of not paying the completely made up tax.

Amazon started collecting sales tax in all states in April 2017, but Trump accused the company of not paying a non-existent “internet tax.”


It’s believed the attack was aimed at a Washington Post article that showcased Donald Trump’s massive amount of golf playing. The Washington Post was bought by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2013.

Donald Trump has made it a habit of taking The Washington Post and Amazon. In 2015, Trump said Bezos only bought the paper to keep “taxes down” at “his no profit company.”

During a campaign rally, Trump promised to “go after” Amazon during his first 100 days in office.

“Amazon, which though its ownership, controls the Washington Post should be paying massive taxes but it’s not paying, and it’s a very unfair playing field and you see what that’s happening and what that’s doing to department stores all over the country. Very, very unfair. And you’re talking about billions and billions of dollars. They should be paying those taxes,” Trump claimed.

Jeff Bezos offered a perfect response to Trump’s attacks.

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President Trump and Jeff Bezos met last week at a gathering of the American Technology Council. Bezos was asked to help modernize federal technology.

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