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Donald Trump: I Think I Did Win The Popular Vote In 2016

Donald Trump: I Think I Did Win The Popular Vote In 2016

Donald Trump popular vote

In an interview Tuesday, Donald Trump again asserted that he won the popular vote in 2016. In fact, he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by almost 3 million.

Donald Trump popular vote
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It’s not a new claim for Donald Trump, but in a Tuesday interview with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham, he made it clear that it’s one he’s still stuck on after almost four years. While Trump won the presidency in 2016 due to the electoral college, the majority of voters actually cast their ballots for Clinton. 270 To Win has the 2016 election results: 62,980,160 for Trump, and 65,845,063 for Clinton. That’s a difference of 2,864,903 — or about 2.9 million more votes for Clinton than Trump.

Trump still won the most electoral votes — 300 to 227 — which places him in the White House, but he still insists on arguing that he also won the popular vote.

Trump has claimed this before, suggesting that many votes for Clinton were somehow fraudulent or cast by people ineligible to vote, such as undocumented immigrants, or cast in the names of people who are deceased and therefore should have been removed from voter rolls.


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He has never provided any evidence for these claims.

Sometimes Trump has deviated from this narrative, instead saying that the popular vote is less important, less of a victory, or less of a challenge than the electoral vote, and therefore that his win was more meaningful — a “100 yard dash vs. a marathon.”


However, in his most recent interview, it sounds as though Trump has reverted to his longstanding and unsubstantiated claim that he actually won more total votes.

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