Donald Trump was asked to name his hero and his answer was strange

Donald Trump was asked to name one of his heroes and his strange answer proves once again that our President-Elect can go off on a tangent like no other president in modern history.

The Times of London asked the question over the weekend and here’s how the future POTUS responded.

Instead of an answer to the question, Trump essentially said he respects his father, believes negotiating skills are in the genes of great negotiators, and then rehashed a 7-month-old Republican talking point.

We’re used to Trump babbling on about nothing when asked questions but it’s a bit odd that he doesn’t look up to anyways in any significant manner. He manages to pivot from heroes to winning the Republican primary within seconds. Then to baseball and golf and then to his dad.

The letter proves that Donald Trump lacks any type of introspective thought process which could prove troubling during tough national and international talks and negotiations. A president who doesn’t look back to reflect on past mistakes, but instead looks to the future at all times can be dangerous indeed.

We understand that Donald Trump doesn’t believe he owes anyone for any of his successes but he did inherit a fortune from his father, so perhaps a bit more praise should be thrown in that direction.

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