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Donald Trump Has Killed More Civilians Than Obama Did In 8 Years

Donald Trump Has Killed More Civilians Than Obama Did In 8 Years

Photo Credit: Chairmen Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

Defense Secretary James Mattis’ relentless bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria continue to skyrocket and civilians are paying the biggest cost according to a report from Watchdog group Airwars.

The report has found that in just over three months, Trump has killed at least 2,300 innocent civilians. That’s more innocent bystanders than the Obama administration accidentally killed in eight years.

Twelve innocent people die because of American bombs every single day, writes Airwars‘ Samuel Oakford in the Daily Beast.

The Trump administration has moved much of the fighting from the countryside to urban areas, including Raqqa, Syria, Mosul, and Iraq.

Trump and his cronies have on numerous occasions that they have very little respect for human life and they have taken an Old West approach to shooting first and asking questions later.


The US-led Coalition Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) spends $13 million in taxpayer funds every day and has flown 156,651 sorties since 2014.

The bombing campaigns have helped one group, American warmongers that include Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin. Those companies are refilling the Air Force’s munitions supplies at a staggering rate that continues to grow.

AINOnline‘s Chris Pocock points out that the Pentagon’s budget request for FY2018 asks for 12,822 Boeing JDAMs ($27,000 for the tailkit, $42,000 a piece for laser guidance), 5,039 Boeing/Raytheon SDBs ($40,000/$250,000) and 1,397 Boeing/Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles ($110,000 each).

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Here’s what that money is paying to accomplish.

The Trump administration appears to be speeding up their bombing campaigns which will most likely increase the number of civilians who are being killed every single day by U.S. troops.

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