Donald Trump Given September Deadline For DNA Submission In Sexual Assault Case

E. Jean Carroll, who has been pursuing a case against Donald Trump, shared on Monday afternoon legal documents citing a new deadline in the case. Carroll has accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 90s, and after he denied it publicly, verbally attacking her and, according to Carroll, costing her employment, she filed a defamation suit. She has been pursuing a DNA sample to match to a sample on the clothing she wore at the time of the incident, and the president has been delaying via the legal system. Now, there’s a deadline, and Trump is directed to submit a sample and sit for a deposition by September 21st.

donald trump is ordered to submit to dna sample and deposition
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

On Friday, a judge ruled against Donald Trump’s claims that a state court could not pursue him for criminal claims while he is in office. This ruling also allows Carroll’s case against the president to proceed. On Monday, she followed this up with a deadline announcement, sharing documents filed to demand that Trump submit a DNA sample and sit for a deposition by September 21st.

The full documents are available here.

Carroll has been pressing the president for months to submit to the rule of law, and stop dodging the case.

She was working as a journalist with over two decades of background at the time that Trump publicly insulted her appearance and accused her of lying, and says that she believed it was his actions — “Trump ridiculed my reputation, laughed at my looks, & dragged me through the mud” — that she lost her job at Elle magazine.

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