Donald Trump Falsely Accuses Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Of Election Fraud

At a rally Friday, Donald Trump leveled accusations at Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada, alleging that if Trump loses the state, it will be due to vote tampering.

Donald Trump lies about governor Sisolak
[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]

Trump could lose Nevada. Real Clear Politics is currently showing Biden leading by 4 points in polls there, and FiveThirtyEight‘s meta analysis of polls says that Biden wins Nevada in 9 out of 10 of their simulations.

However, Trump has tried to sow seeds of doubt in the election results throughout the process. He’s claimed the election is rigged, exaggerated and falsified stories about ballots being lost or uncounted, and claimed Democrats would use mail-in voting to commit fraud.

He;’ even specifically attacked voting in Nevada, so it’s no surprise he’d continue to lash out at the state, pre-emptively setting the stage to claim, if he loses, that it’s proof of cheating, rather than proof of the choice of Americans.

At a rally in Michigan, he went even beyond that claim, suggesting that Governor Sisolak could see that Democrats are losing on election night and declare, “Get me some ballots!” Trump then mimes quickly and covertly filling out extra ballots and adding them to the count. “I’m sure he’d never do that,” Trump adds, even as he throws out the accusation.

It’s one more in a long line of false accusations Trump has leveled at those he sees as political enemies, rather than colleagues in the governing of the nation, and one more sign that he’s beginning to expect that he will not win. He’s also floating the idea that he maychange his plans for a proposed election night event.

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