Donald Trump Echoes Call To Pardon Whole Administration, And Himself

Speculation of what Donald Trump will do in the next few weeks is rampant, as are suggestions and advice. Representative Matt Gaetz stepped forward recently to tell the president that before leaving office, he should pardon everyone — himself, the Thanksgiving turkey, his whole administration, and Tiger King star Joe Exotic. Gaetz’ opinion would be just one view among so many — except that Trump retweeted it himself.

Matt Gaetz: Trump should mass pardon.
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Gaetz shared the Fox News clip below, in which he says that Donald Trump should pardon his entire administration before leaving office. He described “the left” as suffering from a “bloodlust” and a desire to relentlessly attack and destroy Donald Trump and all of his allies.

It’s certainly a fact that Donald Trump and other members of his administration could face prosecution in coming months. Trump is facing a civil case for defamation over calling E. Jean Carrol a liar when she spoke about her sexual assault experience, and SDNY is investigating whether his businesses engaged in financial crimes. Those, of course, are separate from crimes he could be accused of committing in his role as president, and that other members of his administratration could face alongside him. Washington Post suggests that at the Federal level, those could include obstruction of justice, bribery, campaign finance violations, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Trump boosts pardon tweet
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

That could all add up to explain exactly why Donald Trump would feel that Gaetz’ suggestion he pardon himself, and others, deserved a boost via presidential retweet.

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