Donald Trump Describes Political Strategy: Just Oppose Obama

The start of Donald Trump’s political career could be said to be Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Now, at a rally, he describes a political philosophy that has worked for him with one subset of voters — simply opposing Obama at every turn.

Donald Trump says he just opposes Obama at every turn
[Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui Trinkl/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

Donald Trump’s war with Barack Obama over whether or not the 45th president was a citizen of the United States, born in the U.S. and eligible to be president (spoiler: the answer to all of those is yes) netted him news coverage and attention. Michael Cohen has described this attention as exactly what Trump thrives on — his name in print. Running his campaign before the 2016 election, a portion of Trump’s focus was on the suggestion that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be an extension of the Obama Administration.

Now, speaking at a rally only days before the election, he describes to the crowd a portion of his personal political strategy.

Frankly, we just said, “what did Obama do?” and I heard, and I did the opposite.

It’s a method that seems to have appealed to the people who bought into birtherism and who hung Obama in effigy throughout his two terms.

It’s also an interesting contrast to Trump’s claim during the presidential debate that Obama, and Joe Biden along with him, are responsible for the current use of cages for immigrant and refugee children separated from their parents at the border. If Trump really believed he was doing exactly what Obama did — would he continue to do the same?

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