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Donald Trump Denies That He’s Dumping David Perdue’s Losing Campaign, Despite All Evidence

Donald Trump Denies That He’s Dumping David Perdue’s Losing Campaign, Despite All Evidence

Donald Trump’s attacks on Georgia’s elections after he lost in 2020 contributed to David Perdue (R) losing his Senate race in the state. Now, Trump is reportedly abandoning Perdue again — and he’s really upset that it’s being reported.

COMMERCE, GA – MARCH 26: Former U.S. Senator and Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia David Perdue waves to supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump after speaking at a rally at the Banks County Dragway on March 26, 2022 in Commerce, Georgia. This event is a part of Trump’s Save America Tour around the United States. (Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images)

Trump typically absolutely loses it when something is reported that casts him in a negative light. Now NBC is reporting that the former president is “washing his hands of” Perdue, who is now running for Governor of Georgia, and who polls show losing to incumbent Brian Kemp by a significant margin.

The report includes accounts from multiple sources close to Trump and to Perdue’s campaign, who say the twice-impeached Floridian has complained about Perdue running a low-energy campaign, and that he doesn’t plan to make any further appearances in Georgia to support the candidate, who faces a primary election in just four days.

The New York Times is also reporting that Trump seemed, in an interview, aggravated about Perdue’s race, and dismissed it as unrepresentative of his record for picking winners.. He’s quoted as saying, “Remember, you know, my record is unblemished. The real story should be on the endorsements — not the David Perdue one — and, by the way, no race is over.”

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Truth Social]

On his Truth Social account, Trump raged over this reporting, insisting that he has not abandoned Perdue, and claiming that the story comes not from his own mouth, and those close to him, but from Brian Kemp’s campaign for re-election.

His spokesperson, Liz Harrington, also went public with a claim that this reporting is an attempt to “depress [Trump’s] base” and prevent a runoff — which could happen if one candidate doesn’t get at least 50% plus one vote.

Meanwhile, RealClearPolitics shows that the latest polls average out with Kemp holding 55.8% of the vote, with 53% in even his weakest poll. On average, he’s leading Perdue by 24.8 points, including a Fox News poll that places Kemp 32 points ahead of Perdue — and Trump has already shown a willingness to abandon a lost cause.

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