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Donald Trump Demands Republicans Tank the Global Economy to Stop Voting Rights Bill

Donald Trump Demands Republicans Tank the Global Economy to Stop Voting Rights Bill

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday demanded that Republicans on Capitol Hill do everything within their power to prevent Democrats from raising the debt ceiling – which would trigger a credit default and crash the delicate global economy – in order to prevent the adoption of the Freedom to Vote Act – a revised version of the For the People Act.

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The bill would, according to WhenWeAllVote.org:

  • Allow for same day voter registration,

  • Establish automatic voter registration,

  • Protect and expand access to voting by mail,

  • Establish 15 days of early voting, including at least two weekends,

  • Restore voting rights to individuals who have been previously incarcerated,

  • Prevent partisan gerrymandering, and

  • Protect against voter intimidation.

Trump, however, believes this legislation’s passage would be a death knell to the United States. This perfectly aligns with the GOP’s ongoing crusade against voting rights in dozens of states, a symptom of the party’s growing antipathy toward American democracy.

“The only powerful tool that Republicans have to negotiate with is the Debt Ceiling, and they would be both foolish and unpatriotic not to use it now. The way I look at it, what the Democrats are proposing, on so many different levels, will destroy our Country,” the ex-commander in chief said in a statement that was posted to Twitter by his spokeswoman Liz Harrington.

“Therefore, Republicans have no choice but to do what they have to do, and the Democrats will have no choice but to concede all of the horror they are trying to inflict upon the future of the United States. Unrelated, but likewise, their so-called ‘Voting Rights Bill’ will be the end of our Democracy. Don’t give up or concede, Republicans, this is the ultimate representation of the People!” Trump added.

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Read Trump’s full remarks below:

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