Donald Trump Contradicts Tulsa Police On Curfew Enforcement

The Tulsa police department announced a curfew in advance of Donald Trump’s rally Saturday. Not only would the area around the venue be closed to foot traffic starting Friday evening, it would be closed to vehicles too, beginning Friday morning, and any vehicles parked in the area would be towed. Trump tweeted to deny this Friday afternoon, saying that Mayor G.T. Bynum had assured him the curfew wouldn’t be enforced Friday or Saturday night on Trump supporters. However, police told reporters they’d make anyone camped out overnight move.

President Trump contradicts Tulsa police
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

The Tulsa police began to tweet Thursday evening, sharing information about the upcoming event. They made a series of announcements, letting the public know that an area around the Bank of Oklahoma Center would be closed to vehicle traffic, with a smaller area completely off limits even to pedestrian traffic, with the exception of ticketholders to the Trump rally. This included an explicit statement that Mayor G.T. Bynum had signed an executive order putting the curfew into effect, and a warning that anyone refusing to leave the area could face a ticket, or arrest.

However, President Donald Trump tweeted Friday afternoon to declare that this would not apply to his supporters. He said he’d spoken to the mayor of Tulsa, and been assured that rallygoers would be fine.

This prompted others to respond, asking whether Trump was forcing the mayor to bend the rules he’d just signed into effect. CNN correspondent Abby Phillip suggested the curfew had been lifted jus to let rallygoers camp out near the venue.

Though Trump appears to contradict the Tulsa police, it’s worth noting that the police department’s tweets do say that ticketholders will be allowed to enter the restricted area. However, New York Times WHite House correspondent Annie Karni got a different story. She says that even as Trump’s tweet appeared online, she was getting confirmation from the Tulsa police, who say that if attendees are camping out in the restricted area, they will be required to relocate.

The Trump campaign declared on Monday that there had been requests for over 1 million tickets. According to Tulsa World, the Bank of Oklahoma Center has a capacity of only about 19k — or about 2% of the audience Trump’s campaign says they expect.

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