Donald Trump Complains That Eric's Life Has Been 'Unfairly Disturbed'

After his oldest children finished college, Donald Trump brought them into the Trump Organization, the family business. This is something that happens all the time. But when Donald Trump brought them into his company he also made them executives. 

With the Trump Organization on trial for fraud, all top executives have been called to testify. This includes Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. Donald Trump obviously feels like the trial is unfair to him, and now he is complaining for his kids too. 

Trump took to Truth Social, writing, "I told my wonderful son, Eric, not to testify tomorrow at the RIGGED TRIAL brought about by A.G. Letitia James’ campaign promise that, without knowing anything about me, 'I WILL GET TRUMP!' She ran for A.G., then Governor of New York, and lost!"

The rant continued:

"His young life has already been unfairly disturbed and disrupted enough on this corrupt Witch Hunt. Besides, I will be testifying on Monday in this shameful, NO JURY ALLOWED 'TRIAL.' Happy Banks and Insurance Companies, NO VICTIMS, GREAT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, Perfect Disclaimer Clause - BUT A CORRUPT ATTORNEY GENERAL AND JUDGE!!!"

Trump is well aware that his case in New York is not going well and there is not much he can do about it. So he has focused on simply complaining.