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Donald Trump Claims to Be ‘2 and 0,’ Calls United States a ‘Third World Nation’

Donald Trump Claims to Be ‘2 and 0,’ Calls United States a ‘Third World Nation’

President Donald Trump’s assaults on reality manifested in the Oval Office on Monday during a ceremony in which he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former professional wrestler and coach Dan Gable.

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First, Trump showered Gable with grandiose adulations.

“No one has done more to promote wrestling in America than Dan Gable. He’s an athletic giant who conquered one of the most difficult and ancient sports in the world,” said Trump. “He’s the greatest wrestler, probably, ever. We’ve never had anybody like him. He’s made our country very proud. And he’s a true GOAT. You know what GOAT is? GOAT? Greatest Of All Time.”

Trump, whose first and only term is in its twilight days, compared Gable’s impressive performance record to his own political accomplishments, but got it all wrong.

“He won 117 consecutive matches and lost only one, well you know in politics I won two, so I’m 2 and 0, and that’s pretty good too, but we’ll see how that turns out,” Trump said.

Trump is 1 and 0 at best.

Speaking to reporters after the event, the president doubled-down on his false claims about the election having been stolen, rambling about “glitches who aren’t glitches” and supposedly orphaned ballots.

“It was a rigged election, if you look at the different states the election was totally rigged, it’s a disgrace to our country, it’s like a third world country these ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about, they have glitches as they call them, glitches, the glitches who aren’t glitches,” Trump said.

Trump then called the United States a “third world nation” because he lost.

“They got caught sending out thousands of votes. All against me by the way,” Trump said. “This was like from a third world nation and I think the case has been made and now we find out what we can do about it.”

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There is no truth to what the president is alleging, which is why he and his cadre of attorneys (excluding the MAGA megaphones at Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, or elsewhere in the depths of the internet) have seen their challenges to the elections – which number in the 40s – smacked out of courtrooms by overseeing judges, some of whom were appointed to the bench by Trump.

Watch below, courtesy of The Independent:

Forty-four days until the inauguration.

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