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Donald Trump Claims January 6th Committee Is Canceling Public Hearings — On Day Of 5th Public Hearing

Donald Trump Claims January 6th Committee Is Canceling Public Hearings — On Day Of 5th Public Hearing

The 5th public hearing to be held by the January 6th Committee starts at 3pm on Thursday. Just four hours ahead of this event, the former presendetn and primary subject of said hearings declared that future public hearings have been canceled — and that was only one of the false claims in his “Truth.”

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Thursday afternoon the January 6th Committee — and the world — hear more testimony regarding the several connected attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Hearings are scheduled to continue beyond this. However, if you believe the former president,future hearings are being canceled.

Trump posted on his Truth Social account, sharing his post from yesterday, when he complained that Republicans aren’t represented on the panel (there are two Republicans, and would have been five if GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy hadn’t withdrawn the list of names picked for the committee) and adding the new claim that hearings are being canceled.

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Truth Social]

Trump made three claims in the post that are either false or misleading.

First, he claims the committee “canceled or postponed future hearings.”

It’s true that one hearing was postponed due to technical issues, but the fact is, the hearings have been plugging along at a steady rate, revealing new information about the election plots, and interviewing witnesses to Trump’s role in the entire saga.

Trump also focuses on television ratings, as he is known to do, seeming to suggest that low live viewership invalidates the hearings. Of course, the point of the hearings isn’t to ‘win’ at ratings, but to get the information out to the public — and live television ratings don’t include the number of viewers who streamed the hearings, watched them later, rather than live, viewed clips from them online, or read or watched news accounts of the revelations.

He also says that the lead investigator has quit — this is true, but missing important context. The Kansas City Star reported this earlier this week, John Wood, one of the senior investigators for the House Select Committee, is leaving his post early. Howver, it’s not due to any failure of the Committee, or anything uncovered in the evidence — it’s because he’s looking into a Senate run.

Thursday’s hearing starts at 3:00pm eastern.

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