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Donald Trump Can’t Seem To Decide Whether He’s Been Under Investigation Or Not

Donald Trump Can’t Seem To Decide Whether He’s Been Under Investigation Or Not

Donald Trump admits to being under investigation
Donald Trump admits to being under investigation
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Donald Trump announced Friday morning that he has been under investigation for collusion with Russia for the past seven months. This is, of course, a direct contradiction to his long-held claims that he is not under investigation for the Russian collusion allegations.

Back in May, discussing the events surrounding the firing of James Comey, Donald Trump described calling Comey and specifically asking if he, Trump, was under investigation. According to NPR, Trump specifically admitted calling Comey and saying, “If it’s possible, will you let me know, am I under investigation?”

Trump has assured the public repeatedly that Comey’s response was a firm negative.

In a Friday morning Twitter rant, however, Trump now claims that he has been under investigation for the past seven months — starting before he even took office.


Donald Trump may not have been under investigation himself, as an individual, for collusion with Russia but NBC reports that Trump’s campaign was indeed under investigation. Trump even specifically refused to issue a public statement denying Trump was under investigation because the broader investigation could take a turn in that direction, requiring him to issue a correction.

As the BBC reports, Trump himself now is under investigation — for obstruction of justice. This is directly due to alleged efforts to silence Comey about the Russian collusion investigation.

Trump had something to say about that Friday morning too.


The investigation isn’t about firing Comey, which Donald Trump has said he did not do on Robert Mueller’s recommendation but had intended to all along. Instead, it was spurred by James Comey’s testimony that Trump tried to get him to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia.

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Yet in tweets only the day before, Trump also admitted that the investigation was not for firing Comey, but for obstruction of the Russian collusion investigation.


In short, Friday morning’s stream-of-consciousness official White House statements from President Donald Trump included contradictions not only of long-held claims by the POTUS but of at least one statement he made barely more than 24 hours prior.

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