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Donald Trump Calls For Prosecution Of Miles Taylor; Doesn’t Think He Ever Met Him

Donald Trump Calls For Prosecution Of Miles Taylor; Doesn’t Think He Ever Met Him

Two things Donald Trump has done consistently throughout his presidency and even his first campaign, are suggesting that those he sees as enemies should face legal prosecution, and claiming that he never met people who turn out to have photographic evidence otherwise. He carried out this tradition at his Tampa rally on Thursday, adding Miles Taylor to the list.

Miles Taylor should be prosecuted Trump says
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Miles Taylor, formerly a chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, has been sharing with the world his experience interacting with Donald Trump. He’s talked about Trump’s inability to pay sufficient attention to briefings, and about the efforts of some within the White House to prevent Trump from acting on some of his worst impulses. On Wednesday, he revealed that he was the author of an anonymous op-ed and book detailing his concerns about Trump as president.

At a rally Thursday, Trump declared that he didn’t think that he’d met Taylor, although “somebody said he has a picture of me standing someplace,” and that Taylor should be prosecuted.

While the reveal has been described by many as severely anticlimactic, because Taylor isn’t quite the high-level White House insider with the immediate ties to Trump that some people were imagining Anonymous might turn out to be, there’s no doubt that his role took him into direct contact with the president on a regular basis, and yes, he does have multiple photos to prove it.

“Are you listening to me back in Washington?” Trump called out at his rally in Florida. “He should be prosecuted!”

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