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Donald Trump Calls For Harassment Of Private Citizen Over ‘The Atlantic’ Stock Ownership

Donald Trump Calls For Harassment Of Private Citizen Over ‘The Atlantic’ Stock Ownership

Donald Trump is being called out by ethics watchdogs for suggesting his supporters harass a private citizen for her stake in The Atlantic, which published an article last week citing numerous officials who say the president denigrated U.S. service members. “Call her, write her, let her know how you feel!” he tweeted, speaking of Laurene Powell, the widow of Steve Jobs.

Trump says to harass Laurene Jobs
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Donald Trump is apparently unhappy with reporting that described him as calling deceased in military cemeteries “losers,” asking if amputees could be left out of veteran events, and otherwise trash-talking U.S. military members. He tweeted a denial, saying that he always speaks well of U.S. Armed Forces, and that he never called John McCain a loser — which caused a resurgence in circulation of the video in which Trump clearly calls John McCain a loser. He’s been lashing out at the magazine, and in a Monday morning tweet, he went after a stockholder.

Right-wing commentator Charlie Kirk tweeted that Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs, and an executive herself, had donated a half million dollars — “at least” — to Joe Biden’s campaign, and also owned a majority stake in The Atlantic. This amount vastly exceeds the maximum an individual can donate to a campaign, and Kirk offered no citations backing up his claim. Though donations can also be made to PACs and by corporations, Kirk’s tweet appeared to describe a personal donation from the businesswoman to Biden’s campaign.

According to CNN, it’s also inaccurate to claim that Jobs herself owns a controlling interest in The Atlantic. Instead, The Emerson Collective, a social change organization she founded, has a stake in the publication.

Donald Trump retweeted Kirk’s inaccurate claims, and lashed out at Jobs for “wasting” money on The Atlantic, and telling his followers to contact her.


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Notably, Jobs has previously discussed her plans, and her late husband’s, for the wealth they amassed during his lifetime. According to Business Insider, the couple agreed that the plan was not to pass on fortunes to their children, but to distribute the money “in ways that lift up individuals and communities in a sustainable way.”

Trump’s tweet has been called out by ethics watchdog Citizens for Ethics in Washington, for targeting harassment against a private citizen.

While Donald Trump has called for the harassment of a private citizen by name, he has also complained perpetually about legal actions against himself, his surrogates, and his administration for alleged criminal activity constitute what he calls “presidential harassment.”

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