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Trump Just Curtsied To A Saudi King After Years Of Mocking Obama For Similar Acts

Trump Just Curtsied To A Saudi King After Years Of Mocking Obama For Similar Acts


When President Barack Obama was in office and visited with the king of Saudi Arabia he allegedly bowed to the country’s leader. Immediately following that action, Donald Trump started openly mocking Obama for his actions when meeting with world leaders.

This week, Trump visited the country, where he operates various businesses. What did he do once there? Curtsied to the countries supreme ruler.

At first conservative bloggers and media outlets praised Trump with headlines such as, “No bowing for this President!”

There is still debate over whether or not Obama actually bowed to the Saudi king during a 2009 visit, but there’s no doubt Trump performed the act.

At first, Trump shook hands with King Salman, but it was when he was given the honorary Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud medal that he seemingly did something even more subservient than Obama’s alleged groveling: he genuflected.

Journalist John Aravosis went so far on Twitter to describe it as a ‘curtsy’:


As Axios‘ Alex McCammond points out, “the right-leaning press has been relatively quiet on the matter, or if they are addressing it, they’re spinning the news to be pro-Trump.”

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In the video, Trump quite literally drops to one knee in acknowledgment of receiving the medal.

Fox News, Breitbart, and other right-leaning news sites threw a fit if Obama so much as leaned into a political leader. When Trump goes even further in his subservience? Crickets.

You can watch Trump bow to the Saudi King in the video below.

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