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Has Donald Trump Become Bored With Venezuela? Officials Say He’s Lost Interest In Crisis There

Has Donald Trump Become Bored With Venezuela? Officials Say He’s Lost Interest In Crisis There

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump backed calls for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down from his position, and allow opposition leader Juan Guaidó to assume the presidency.

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Trump retweeted a tweet by Vice President Mike Pence in the spring, in which Pence wrote that “Maduro must go.” Trump also tweeted out in February his belief that Maduro should leave office.

“LET YOUR PEOPLE GO,” Trump tweeted out in all capital letters. He added, “Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela” than for Maduro to leave office.


But lately, Trump’s been somewhat mum about the whole topic.

The Washington Post noted, citing anonymous past and present officials within the administration, that Trump lacks any type of strategy moving forward on the issue of Venezuela’s future. The president has lost patience with the situation, it seems, and has lost interest in the matter altogether.

Some officials dispute this notion. “Not only is this patently false, but once more the Washington Post traffics in fairy tales rather than the truth,” National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said.

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But characterizations of Trump becoming less interested in Venezuela seem true, based on casual observations of the president’s actions and statements (or lack thereof) in recent weeks.

Trump, who once considered dealing with Venezuela a “low-hanging fruit” foreign policy that could deliver him an easy “win,” according to some officials, is now largely silent on the matter altogether. Indeed, the president has rarely made any public comment about Venezuela since early May, outside of one tweet mentioning Russia’s removal of “their people” from the nation earlier in June.

The administration’s lack of action or any strategy at all, really, has led other nations to try and resolve the crisis. Last week, the Vatican attended a meeting in Sweden, among other nations, to try and determine what course should be taken in the future with regards to the situation in the South American country, CruxNow reported.

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