Donald Trump Boosts Call To Jail Georgia Governor, Secretary Of State

In his Tuesday morning tweets, the lame-duck President of the United States Donald Trump boosted a call to jail Georgia elected officials for the outcome of the 2020 election.

Lin Wood, Donald Trump, say Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, should be jailed
[Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images]

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. He lost nationwide, and he lost in Georgia. Georgia’s 16 electors would not be enough, alone, to shift Joe Biden’s win to Trump and allow him a second term, but Trump and his supporters have zeroed in on the state with unfounded allegations of voter fraud. In particular, they’re lashing out at Georgia’s Republican elected officials — Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger among others — for failing to take measures to help overturn the election results, or at least help discredit them.

Attorney Lin Wood, who was representing Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with murder in Kenosha Wisconsin, until the Georgia elections grabbed his focus, is pushing the narrative that the election was stolen, and that elected officials in Georgia are complicit. He’s already called for Trump supporters to be ready with their “second amendment supplies,” and now he’s suggesting that Trump must jail Raffensperger and Kemp — something that it’s not actually in the president’s power to do.

In the tweet, Wood says he is sure Trump dislikes locking up anyone, especially Republicans, but that the Georgia officials (he includes a photo in which the masks the two are wearing are photoshopped to appear to be the flag of China) must be jailed now.

It’s not really Wood’s tweet, though — a disturbing sentiment, especially from someone who has become a public figure, but still just a regular citizen with no political power — that’s especially a concern.

It’s the fact that the President of the United States retweeted it.

Donald Trump on jailing Brian Kemp
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

While even the President can’t just throw someone in jail without evidence of a crime, and refusing to help discredit an election is no crime in the United States, the sentiment itself is jarring, especially when there have already been harassment and death threats attributed to Trump’s rhetoric.

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