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Donald Trump Boasted About Eradicating ISIS Minutes Before Militants Bombed Kabul Airport

Donald Trump Boasted About Eradicating ISIS Minutes Before Militants Bombed Kabul Airport

Former President Donald Trump boasted during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday that he and his administration had completely eradicated ISIS. But the ex-commander in chief’s remarks about ISIS were delivered – in response to a question he was not asked – with really poor timing.

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The conversation between Trump and Hewitt was as ballistically bizarre, self-aggrandizing, and unproductive as one would expect. Trump repeated his “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen by President Joe Biden (whom Trump baselessly accuses of cheating) and gushed praise onto foreign authoritarian leaders like North Korean Premier Kim Jong-Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Hewitt asked the retired amateur golfer:

You hit Syria after Assad used chemical weapons. You got al-Baghdadi. You got Soleimani after the militia he controlled attacked the Americans. Did the Taliban leader, specifically Mullah Abul Baradar, did they fear you doing to them what you had done to these people?

Trump replied:

Well, I don’t want to say they feared me, but everybody else said they did. You know, we got al-Baghdadi of ISIS, and he was trying to rebuild ISIS. And when I took over, ISIS was all over the place, Hugh. It was all over the place. And then I got a certain general who was fantastic. You know, we don’t have all bad generals, okay? We have some real bad ones on television. I call them the television generals are terrible, but we have great generals. And I had a certain general that I liked, and we took out ISIS in a very short period of time, wiped them out. And they were gone 100%. Do you remember I wanted to bring them back when we had 99%, and everybody said no, you didn’t do 100%, you’ve got to get 100%, including the fake news media? And when I took it over, ISIS was all over the place. At 99%, I wanted to get the hell out, and the media said well, you didn’t get 100%. I said you know what? We’re taking another two weeks. We’re going to get 100%. We got 100%, and they were gone. And they respected us, and they respected me. But they respected us, and don’t think that the Taliban wasn’t watching, because ISIS is tougher than the Taliban, and nastier than the Taliban. And ISIS was watching, and then they were, they didn’t exist anymore. And we took out the founder of ISIS, al-Baghdadi, and then of course Soleimani. Now just so you understand, Soleimani is bigger by many, many times than Osama bin Laden. The founder of ISIS is bigger by many, many times, al-Baghdadi, than Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden had one hit, and it was a bad one, in New York City, the World Trade Center. But these other two guys were monsters. They were monsters. And I kept saying for years why aren’t they getting them? For years, I said it. I got them. The press doesn’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it because they don’t want to talk about it. You talk about it a little bit.

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Moments later, militants associated with the organization carried out two suicide bombings near Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, killing at least 13 people including six members of the United States military.

The full conversation is available here.

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