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Donald Trump Berates Journalist for Not Reporting on Hunter Biden: ‘You’re a Criminal’

Donald Trump Berates Journalist for Not Reporting on Hunter Biden: ‘You’re a Criminal’

During a Q&A with reporters outside Air Force One at Prescott Regional Airport in Arizona on Monday, President Donald Trump verbally accosted a journalist who asked him why he keeps insisting, without any evidence, that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a criminal.

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Trump became flustered when Reuters’ Jeff Mason pressed him on the subject.

Mason: “Mr. President, can you tell us why — what your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a ‘criminal?’ Why is that?”

Trump: “He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught…”

Mason: “He was the vice president of the United States.”

Trump: “Read his laptop. And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it.”

Mason: “I’m asking your strategy.”

Trump: “Let me tell you something: Joe Biden is a criminal, and he’s been a criminal for a long time. And you’re a criminal, and the media, for not reporting it. Good luck, everybody. Have a good time. Have a good time.”

Trump did not specify why he thinks the former veep should be imprisoned.

Watch below, courtedy of Rumble:

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Trump has increased the viciousness of his attacks on Biden as national election polling shows the former vice president maintaining commanding, double-digit leads. Trump aiming his rage at members of the press signifies that he is probably realizing that he is going to lose on November 3. Trump faces a barrage of civil and possibly criminal lawsuits that await him once he leaves office, at which point he will no longer be able to hide behind executive immunity.

Fourteen days until the election.

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