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Donald Trump Believes Facebook & Twitter Want Him Back

Donald Trump Believes Facebook & Twitter Want Him Back

There are a lot of people on social media who do want Donald Trump’s accounts restored. That’s a fact. There are also a lot of people who still believe COVID-19 was a hoax, a million deaths later, that Trump won the election in 2020, and that “Let’s go Brandon” is the height of humor, so the mere popularity of an idea doesn’t necessarily demonstrate any merit in it.

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However, Trump believes that the sites themselves want him back on, because he claims that social media is boring without him. In fact, in classic sour-grapes fashion, the former president declared himself unwilling to go back — to the social media sites that have permanently banned him.

Trump starts off with Elon Musk, against whom he seems to have developed a grudge. Not so long ago, Trump’s sycophants were giving him credit for convincing Musk to buy Twitter, something Musk denied, but the new narrative is to attack Musk for the purchase, calling him a fool.

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However, as usual, Trump quickly pivots to his own personal grievances and ego.

“Twitter could be a failed thing. They want me back on so badly, I can’t even tell you. Facebook wants me back on. But they want me back on so badly, because it’s boring now. It’s boring. No, I’m not going back on. I am with Truth Social. Truth.”

Again, there are users who want Trump’s platform restored — but if the sites themselves really wanted him back, they could reverse bans that they themselves imposed — there’s nothing stopping them, if they truly believed that was their best business move.

It doesn’t look like they feel that way.

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