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Donald Trump Approval Survey Full Of Leading Questions

Donald Trump Approval Survey Full Of Leading Questions

Donald Trump has fake survey with leading questions

Donald Trump likes to boast that he has 97% approval in the Republican party. So far, he’s never shared where that number comes from. He’s been called out and accused of making it up, and has never offered any citation or backup for the claim. However, the leading questions on a survey released on his own website might be a hint.

Donald Trump has fake survey with leading questions
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A poll question is said to be ‘leading’ when the language used to present the question suggests a bias, or when the options aren’t equally spread. For instance, a question comparing two presidential candidates might use negative language around one name, or all options for a question might skew positive or negative. A survey currently being shared on Donald Trump’s website purports to be a test of the public’s approval after the GOP convention, but the questions serve as a perfect example of this type of misleading poll.

Donald Trump leading questions
[Screenshot via Trump Survey]

As seen in part of the poll above, the questions about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris label them as, respectively, “sleepy,” and “phony.” The Democratic convention is described as “dark and depressing.” Instead of spreading answer options out over negative and positive responses — for example, offering “great,” “good,” “neutral,” “bad,” and “awful,” there are three negative options — terrible, awful, and bad — and “other.”

By contrast, as seen in the screenshot below, questions about Trump, Pence, and the Republican convention do not have added descriptors, and the answer options are positive: historic, great, or good, with the most neutral or negative answer choice offered being “other.”

Citing this survey, a person could easily claim that not one respondent rated Harris or Biden as having done well, or that the respondents’ views of the RNC were predominantly positive, without ever getting an honest opinion from the public.

Leading questions make Trump look more approved
[Screenshot via Trump Survey]

The survey goes on with other questions demonstrating as much bias:

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9. Who gave a better speech, President Trump or Sleepy Joe Biden?
10. Who gave a better speech, Vice President Pence or Phony Kamala Harris?
14. Do you agree that the Fake News will lie about how EPIC President Trump’s speech was?
15. Do you believe the Democrats would criticize the President’s speech no matter what he said because they HATE him?

The 28th question on the survey, with only two (age range of the respondent, and who respondent intends to vote for) after it, is “Which do you identify as?”

The answer options are “American” and “socialist.”

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