Donald Trump And MAGA World Already Slamming Speaker Candidate Tom Emmer

MAGA world and Donald Trump already seem set on attacking Republican Speaker of the House nominee Tom Emmer. 

Emmer has held important leadership positions in the party. He is currently the House Majority Whip and was previously the Head of the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

It would seem that the Minnesota Senator would make a fine nominee for Speaker. His problem is that is has not paid enough deference to Donald Trump. And for that reason, MAGA world is trying to shut him down. 

Knowing that he has a Trump problem, Emmer had a meeting this weekend focused on gaining the former President's endorsement. A reporter asked today, "Will you endorse Emmer? He hasn’t always been your biggest fan…"

Trump responded, "He’s my biggest fan now because he called me yesterday and told me he’s my biggest fan so… I’m trying to stay out of that as much as possible."

Steve Bannon made it clear during his show that he didn't think Emmer was a good choice. He raged, "Here's the playbook. Tom Emmer, the biggest never-Trumper in the House, a guy who hates Donald Trump, and is endorsed immediately by McCarthy. McCarthy, immediately, "He's got my highest endorsement. Tom Emmer's our guy."

Bannon continued:

"McCarthy hates Trump, McCarthy knifes Trump, McCarthy's done nothing to move forward the impeachment. He's done nothing to move forward anything. No support of Trump at all, and he just proved it because he unmasked himself with backing Tom Emmer to be speaker of the House."