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Donald Trump Admits That Romney’s Vote Hurt Vulnerable Republican Senators

Donald Trump Admits That Romney’s Vote Hurt Vulnerable Republican Senators

Recent elections, especially the 2018 midterms, showed that Republicans are rapidly losing favor with suburban voters in red and purple states. While there weren’t many GOP senators up from reelection in purple states that year, there will be a number of them in 2020.

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And these lawmakers, specifically names like Cory Gardner, Susan Collins and Martha McSally decided to vote against impeachment trial witnesses. On Sunday, Donald Trump claimed that Mitt Romney’s recent impeachment vote made life a lot harder for those Republicans.

It was an odd admission by the President who is normally loathe to admit that he is very unpopular in numerous areas of the country.

First, Conservative pundit Kimberly Strassel wrote, “Mitt Romney may think he’s taking a shot at POTUS. But any real damage he causes will in fact be to Senate Rs in tough races. Schumer’s goal with all this was retaking the Senate. If he succeeds, he’ll hopefully remember to send Romney a thank you.”

The President concurred, writing, “Romney hurt some very good Republican Senators, and he was wrong about the Impeachment Hoax. No clue!”


Democrats didn’t take long to weigh in on what Trump was implying. Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted, “The President believes that voting to cover up his crimes will hurt Republican Senators running for re-election in 2020.”


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