Donald Trump Admits He Pronounces Kamala Harris’ Name Wrong Intentionally

Speaking in Virginia, Donald Trump boasted about pronouncing Kamala Harris’ name wrong. “She’s like a comma,” he said, mocking the name of his opponent’s running mate.

Donald Trump can't say Kamala
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The President of the United States, campaigning for re-election, has routinely attached derogatory nicknames to his opponent, and at a campaign in Virginia, he boasted to supporters that making fun of Harris by mispronouncing her name is upsetting — “She goes crazy.”

Trump’s crowd cheered, but on social media, he was called out by people who say his behavior is immature and bullying.

Trump has been specifically called out as racist for the faux accent he puts on while mispronouncing her name.

As for Harris, there’s no sign she’s ever “gone crazy” over having her name pronounced incorrectly. However, she did explain her name and the pronunciation in her book, The Truths We Hold: An American Journey.

…my name is pronounced “comma-la,” like the punctuation mark. It means “lotus flower,” which is a symbol of significance in Indian culture. A lotus grows underwater, its flower rising above the surface while its roots are planted firmly in the river bottom.

Harris’ use of the punctuation mark in her own explanation of how to pronounce her name strongly suggests that she’s not likely to be offended at Trump making that association, though the continued mispronunciation has been called out repeatedly as disrespectful.

On a lighter note, however, it didn’t take long for social media users to dredge up a clip of Trump also pronouncing his own name incorrectly during a rally in North Carolina earlier this month.

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