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Donald Trump (Accidentally?) Retweets “Not Fat” Captioned Photo Mocking Him

Donald Trump (Accidentally?) Retweets “Not Fat” Captioned Photo Mocking Him

Donald Trump retweets 'not fat' photo

Thursday morning was a tweeting spree for the president. Donald Trump began tweeting and retweeting posts new and old. In one case, he shared a tweet from nearly two weeks ago — and it may not have been one he intended to share. The post carries an unflattering shot of the president, and a caption that seems to mock him with the phrase “not fat.”

Donald Trump tweets 'not fat' photot mocking him
[Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images]

The original tweet came from Kevin Grandia. If the president had clicked through to his timeline long enough to see his pinned post, a mock Trump Pence 2020 ad showing a protestor being dragged away by men in gas masks, with the slogan, “You will obey,” he might not have assumed he was sharing a post from a fan.

If he’d looked at the post critically, he might have realized the same.

Instead, the president retweeted the photo of himself without adding any context or comment.

Donald Trump retweets 'not fat' photo
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

Fat-shaming is obviously a problem in society, and the president’s policies and ideals are the appropriate target for criticism of him, but Trump is known for mocking the appearance of those he perceives as enemies, or even their family members, so jabs at his vanity are popular, and it’s a little startling that he wasn’t on guard for that, of all things.

The original poster, upon seeing the retweet and responses to it, expressed confusion and questioned how the tweet ended up on Trump’s timeline.

Others shared their amusement at Trump’s apparent error.

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The president was having a busy social media morning — others on social media noticed that he tweeted and retweeted literally dozens of times over the first few hours of the morning.

Aside from retweeting a mocking post from someone who clearly wasn’t a supporter, which Trump has done several times before in his mass retweet frenzies, the president complained that the news media gives him hard questions and then reports his answers, and declared that Bob Woodward, who recently released tapes of Trump admitting he knew the pandemic was deadly and downplayed it anyway, should have released the tapes earlier, and that his answers on COVID-19 were “good and proper.”



Retweets piled up on his timeline, from supporters, his campaign, and anyone trashing Biden, the Clintons, or protestors. The president’s week so far has included the release of the aforementioned recordings, the release of Michael Cohen’s book, which paints the president as power-hungry, a liar, incompetent, and a generally cruel and nasty person, and being told that two planned rallies are being shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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