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Donald and Melania Trump Allegedly Lied About How They First Met

Donald and Melania Trump Allegedly Lied About How They First Met

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We all have stories of how we originally met our significant others.  Most people are relatively proud to tell others about their first meeting, first date, first kiss, and so on.  With President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

In Episode 7 of KrassenCast: Donald Trump’s History With Women & QAnon’s Troll Against Us Fails Miserably,’ author of the book ‘Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,Nina Burleigh extensively discussed Donald Trump’s relationships with the women who have surrounded him from birth to present day, and dropped several major bombshells.

During the interview, which is now available on iTunes and Youtube, Burleigh made a claim that Donald Trump and Melania Trump have actually lied about how they first met, and in fact they appear to have known each other much longer than they claim.  The entire episode, including the 30-minute interview with Burleigh, can be heard below:

The story of how Donald and Melania Trump met is well documented.  There are articles in several major publications, including the New York Times, which state that the Trumps originally met in 1998, but according to Nina Burleigh, this is not the case.

“So you know the story that they tell and that Paolo Zampolli, who was Melania’s model agent tell, is that they met at the Kit Kat Club at a party for a Victoria’s Secret model,” Burleigh told KrassenCast. “And in 1998, Trump was there with another woman and Melania was alone. He wanted her number and she refused but took his number and then called him later.”

This is the story that both Melania and Donald Trump have told others, but according to Burleigh the two actually appear to have met in 1996, while Trump was still very much married to Marla Maples (they didn’t divorce until 1999).

“But if you’ll recall, Melania arrives (in the U.S.) in 1995 and around the end of that year, or early ’96, is when she poses for the infamous lesbian soft core nude photographs that were leaked to the New York Post,” Burleigh explained. “But the photographer for that shoot, Ale de Basseville, a French guy, is on the record with a 100% backing that he and everyone at that shoot knew (of a relationship between the two in 1996) because she told them that her boyfriend was Donald Trump and he remembers it specifically. He thought that it would increase the value of his photoshoot to this French magazine that was going to print them. And he wanted to tell the editor, you know, this is Donald’s girlfriend and it was ’96. He says that Paolo Zampolli said to him, ‘you can’t do that because he’s still not untethered from his wife.'”

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Burleigh tells KrassenCast that the Trumps are not pleased with the fact that Ale de Basseville claims that they actually met earlier than the public has been told.

“I don’t think they like it because they don’t really want people looking into her history,” Burleigh explained. “The official story is she was this great model, she met him, and she was on her way to stardom. And he likes to call her a supermodel. Everybody knows that she was not anything close to a supermodel when he first hooked up with her.”

The entire interview with Nina Burleigh, which includes many other bombshells, is now available on iTunes and Youtube, and her book, ‘Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,’ is now available on Amazon.

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes and Youtube.

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