Don't Come For Me: Jasmine Crockett Has a Message For Marjorie Taylor Greene

Since becoming a congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene has regularly made a spectacle of herself, defying all ideas about congressional decorum. For the most part, Democrats will ignore her, refusing to engage and letting the Georgia Republican embarrass herself. 

This week, however, Texas Democrat Jasmine Crockett could not take any more of Greene's ridiculous behavior and went back at her. Over the weekend, Crockett spoke with Katie Phang and had a message for the Republican congresswoman. 

"Don’t come for me," she said. "That that is all that I need to tell her. Don’t come for me with it. You know, we showed up ready to work, and unfortunately, we cannot have our hearing at 11:00. Even though this is a pointless hearing and is ridiculous in and of itself, that we needed to have it, but we showed up there in the majority."

Crockett continued:

"They set the agenda. This is what they want to do. This is what they believe is a priority for the American people. And they decided that they would skip work and go to New York to be involved in Trump’s trial. And so then we get back at 8 p.m. and instead of focusing on what the task at hand was, which was whether or not AG Merrick Garland was going to be held in contempt of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene started talking about Judge Merchan, which is why I asked her, do you know why we’re here? And ultimately, it devolved into the debacle that it did."