Don Lemon Says Trump’s Latest Claim ‘Really Takes The Cake’

On Thursday Don Lemon said the latest coronavirus claim by President Trump “really takes the cake.” Trump made the claim during a town hall interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News. Lemon was quick to point out Trump’s repeated claim that increased testing is to blame for America’s high amount of coronavirus cases. Trump said, “So, we have more cases because we do the greatest testing. If we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases,” Trump told Hannity. “Other countries, they don’t test millions. So up to almost 30 million tests. So when you do 30 million, you’re gonna have a kid with the sniffles and they’ll say it’s coronavirus, whatever you want to call it.”

Lemon was shocked at the fact that Trump keeps repeating the false claim. Lemon asked, “A kid with the sniffles. That’s what he said, a kid with the sniffles. You don’t need me to tell you that that’s not true, right?” He added,“This president has been dismissive of this deadly virus all along, but that one really takes the cake. That one takes the cake. Think about how many people have died and the number of cases now, places where they are surging, and you can believe he keeps blaming testing for the surge in these cases?

Lemon continued, “I think we all understand that we’d still have cases of coronavirus if we didn’t test. Guess what? We just wouldn’t have any idea of who was sick,” Lemon added. “Testing ultimately keeps cases down because we can identify sick people and we can have them stay home. A child with the sniffles can understand that.” You can watch the full video.

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