Don Lemon Chides Chris Cuomo for Giving a Platform to Dishonest Guests

Earlier this week, Chris Cuomo invited the Republican National Committee Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany to appear on his show. The interview did not go well. After McEnany refused to admit that Donald Trump has lied during his presidency, the host ended the interview and cut the segment short.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Some at CNN were left to wonder why the host had book such a guest in the first place. Last night, fellow CNN anchor Don Lemon and Cuomo debated whether they should allow dishonest spokespeople on the network.

Lemon began the segment by telling his co-worker, “I don’t think people need the space to promote propaganda and lies. I think that’s a disservice.” Cuomo responded, “Well, she’s working for the campaign and he does not suffer anything short of [loyalty], Don. You will not be around him very long if you are in the business of exposing his flaws.”

According to Lemon, this administration can’t be treated like those of the past, “That is in a normal world when it was liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat. This is about truth versus lies. I don’t think people need the space to promote propaganda and lies. I think that’s a disservice. It’s not a service. It’s not testing. It’s allowing someone who — giving them a platform that they haven’t deserved.”

The segment closed with Lemon proclaiming, “It has nothing to do with freedom of speech or freedom of expression. It is a privilege to come on to be able to talk directly to the American people, and if you have that privilege then you should respect the American people and the host of that show and the platform and the company and the brand, enough to come on and tell the truth.”




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