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Don Jr: YouTube Blocked my Dad’s Interview Because the Comments Were Awesome

Don Jr: YouTube Blocked my Dad’s Interview Because the Comments Were Awesome

Last week, Donald Trump conducted an interview with the NELK Boys. During the discussion, Trump talked about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and again lied about the 2020 election. The video was posted to YouTube, but the website pulled the video down. On Monday, Donald Trump Jr. claimed that the site pulled the video because the comments on it were “awesome.”

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“There was nothing really controversial spoken about in this thing,” Trump Jr. said. “The conspiracy theory between truth — the time keeps shrinking, guys. It used to take six months for a conspiracy theory to turn into the truth then six weeks then six days. Now it’s about six hours. OK? Pretty soon it will be about six minutes.”

The former President’s son continued, “What’s scarier for the big tech overlords is the comments on it were awesome and that’s what they’re scared about. The comments on this thing were overwhelmingly positive, which doesn’t happen on big tech or social or anything like that.”

Trump Jr. closed:

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“People saw my father in a different light. They saw him the way that I see him on a daily basis. A different demographic was able to see him in a way that they got and understood and said, ‘Wait a minute, I had no idea.’ Because they’ve been spoonfed a narrative by big tech, by media, everything that they haven’t been able to get over or get passed or see through.”


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