Don Jr. Takes Heat For Tweeting Meme With Trump Slapping Obama

Donald Trump Jr. is coming under fire for tweeting a meme with racist undertones. The tweet shows Jr.’s Father, President Trump, slapping former President Barack Obama. A meme showing a white man slapping a black man did not sit well with a lot of Americans. On the other hand, the right seems to be enjoying the meme. One of the other right-wing figures to tweet out the video was Benny Johnson. Johnson has been accused of plagiarizing in the past, and now works for Turning Point which is run by Charlie Kirk.

Many took to Twitter to voice their disgust and to point out the racism in the tweet. The many included former Clinton White House Secretary, Joe Lockhart. He explained in his tweet why the meme was racist. He tweeted, “for those who didn’t think the attack on Obama is racist, think again. I surprised they didn’t shoot the heavily tattooed black man and then claim to stand your ground. Every Republican who thinks this is ok is complicit with racism. And being complicit makes you a racist.”

Don Jr. retweeted Benny Johnson’s tweet and expressed his joy at getting to the core of the “coup.”  Don Jr. is referring to “Obamagate” which is being tossed around by Trump’s camp and the President himself. The problem seems to be naming the crime Obama committed.   Trump was asked to name what crime Obama should be investigated by a Washington Post reporter. Trump responded, “Obamagate. It’s been going on for a long time. It’s been going on from before I even got elected. … It’s a disgrace that it’s happened.” He added that he believes more information will be revealed, “over the coming weeks.”

With racial tension rising in America we will see what impact tactics like these will have on the nation.

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