Don Jr.: My Father Isn't Testifying Because the Jurors are 'Clowns'

It seems like the many, many Republican lawmakers who have been appearing at Donald Trump's trial aren't doing a good job with their messaging. This week, the former President's son, Donald Jr. has been showing up to court and speaking with reporters afterwards. 

Like his Father, Don Jr. has a problem with self control, often going off on tangents and saying the wrong thing. So it was no surprise to see the businessman(?) attack the people sitting on the jury when complaining about his father's treatment. 

MSNBC's Vaughn Hilyard got a hold of Trump Jr. and relayed his conversation, noting, "I attempted to ask multiple times about the decision for Donald Trump not to testify. Because it was Donald Trump himself who repeatedly suggested that he would, in fact, take the stand and tell his truth to this jury. Ultimately, when the opportunity was presented to him today, the defense rested its case and chose him not to take the stand."

Hilyard had Trump Jr.'s answer as "Why would you justify this insanity? Look at the clowns that they put on there — you don't subject yourself to that nonsense. You are going into a kangaroo court. There's nothing more. Nothing less. There'd be absolutely no reason, no justification to do that whatsoever."