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Don Jr. Falsely Claims His Father is more Popular than Obama in Instagram Post

Don Jr. Falsely Claims His Father is more Popular than Obama in Instagram Post

Donald Trump Jr. has shared a fake President Trump approval rating on Instagram. Trump Jr. shared the fake rating on Friday which falsely shows a 50 percent approval rating for his Father. Don Jr. also falsely cited Gallup as his source.

The Hill notes that the post also displayed a comparison between former President Obama and President Trump’s statistics. The fake stats boast a 50 percent approval rating for President Trump to Obama’s 45 percent. Don Jr. said in the post, “Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and @realdonaldtrump seems to have it.”

The Hill notes that President Trump has never had a 50 percent approval rating in the Gallup poll. A Reuters/IPSOS poll puts President Trump’s approval rating at 45 percent. Although Trump is still polling well with his base he is far from being more popular than Barack Obama.

With that said Trump is still very popular with rural voters. CNBC points out that despite the President’s recent decisions on trade many farmers are still backing their President. Brent Bible who is a managing partner of Indiana’s Still Water Farmers was quoted saying, “ He might be failing in algebra, but he’s getting an A in geography and a B in science. So the student overall is a B minus.”

President Trump is also enjoying significant support from Republicans. The Wall Street Journal notes that Trump is receiving support from 88 percent of Republican voters.

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The 45 percent approval rating comes at a good time since the 2018 midterm elections will be held in November. However, that same poll places Democrats 6 points ahead when it comes to the question of who should run Congress.

Fake approval ratings aside, President Trump is facing a pivotal moment in his Presidency. His approval rating may not matter much if the Dems. take Congress. We will see what happens on November 6.

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