Don Jr. Fails With Violent, Sophomoric Biden Tripping Meme

Donald Trump Jr. is 43 years old but just doesn’t want to grow up. After television cameras captured President Joe Biden stumbling while sprinting up the stairs of Air Force One on Friday, Don Jr. had the brilliant idea to create a meme of the incident.

So he found a video clip of his twice-impeached, one-term president father hitting a golf ball – there’s plenty of those to go around – and paired it with video of Biden stumbling to show a golf ball striking the current president in the back of the head. “It wasn’t the wind folks,” Don Jr. tweeted, insinuating that his father took down Biden on the stairs with a Titleist.

Don Jr.’s violent, sophomoric attempt at “humor” was reminiscent of his father’s 2017 meme showing Hillary Clinton being struck by a golf ball and was greeted with about the same level of derision. One Twitter user noted, “Right before he tripped, Joe Biden successfully got 100 million vaccine shots administered in 58 days and got $242B in stimulus checks sent out to 90 million people. Your dad got upwards of 500,000 people killed.”

Journalist Dan Rather offered this evaluation of Don Jr.’s tweet. “Tripping while running up the stairs to Air Force One is embarrassing. Tripping while running the response to COVID is deadly. I would argue the latter story should be a bigger headline.”

It should be noted that Biden isn’t the first political leader to take a misstep. Barack Obama, Mike Pence and Gerald Ford all slipped while running up or down stairs to Air Force One or Air Force Two. Then there’s the senior Trump, who had to tiptoe gingerly down the gently sloping ramp from the stage after delivering a commencement address at West Point.

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