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Don Jr Announced As “Founding Journalist” At New Company to “Make News Credible Again”

Don Jr Announced As “Founding Journalist” At New Company to “Make News Credible Again”

You almost have to admire the willful obtuseness of anyone named Trump, whether it’s by birth or by marriage. As they began to face the reality of losing the election and the protection the White House has given them, they’ve all begun announcing their post-January plans, as if they’re all not going to be prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office or the New York State Attorney General.

Putting on a brave face for the remaining MAGA faithful so they can keep grifting them even after a landslide loss to Joe Biden, the Trump kids and their spouses have purchased real estate, announced potential Senate runs, and floated the idea of a Trump TV network.

Now, to make the smokescreen even thicker, Donald Trump, Jr has announced he’s going to be one of six “founding journalists” for a new platform called ‘OG1’,” a company funded by a group called Online Media Partners (OMP) that will supposedly use the technology behind cryptocurrencies called ‘blockchain’ to “make news credible again.”

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Instagram]
“Americans know the media is broken, we don’t have to focus on the negative. The need for accurate, censorship-proof news is both a fundamental right and an enormous opportunity,” said Trump Jr. in a statement. “Together with Kimberly [Guilfoyle] and the amazing people in OMP, we have the technology, capital, and moral imperative to build this. Let’s get it done.”

Of course, Trump Jr doesn’t have a degree in journalism, but having zero experience has never held any member of the Trump family back.

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According to a press release, OMP is “a multi-platform vehicle made of ‘buy-or-build’ assets in cable, print, and digital distribution. In addition to extensive financing capabilities, OMP brings unique blockchain technology called Overline Verified Viewer,” that, according to Overline CEO Patrick McConlogue, will “award viewers with digital coins that prove their viewership of a given segment or news anchor.” This will supposedly ensure “you don’t just have more credible reporters, you have more credible viewers.”

With so many prosecutions looming against the Trump family, it’s unlikely any of their post-White House plans will see the light of day, and announcements like this one will suddenly disappear as their return to the private sector will be fraught with legal issues.

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