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Dominion Voting Systems’s Lawsuit Against the Ex-CEO of Overstock Is the Best Thing You Will Read Today

Dominion Voting Systems’s Lawsuit Against the Ex-CEO of Overstock Is the Best Thing You Will Read Today

One of the biggest backers of former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was fraudulent and stolen can no longer hide in the shadows, thanks to a Pulitzer Prize-worthy 150-page lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday.

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Patrick Byrne, the ex-chief executive officer of the online retail giant Overstock, is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion for bankrolling the harebrained scheme by Trump and his clown car of pseudo-lawyers cheerleaders – Rudy Giuliani, Sidney “Kraken” Powell, Michael Flynn, and Mike Lindell being the most prominent among them – to overthrow the will of the American people.

Dominion claimed in its filing that Byrne’s participation in Trump’s scam irreparably damaged its reputation, and whoever crafted the language is an absolute master of throwing legal shade.

It begins:

After blowing up his career at Overstock by having an affair with a Russian spy, Patrick Byrne soon found himself a new pet project: promoting the false narrative that the 2020 election had been stolen. In fact, as Byrne has publicly admitted, he had already committed to that narrative three months before the election took place. After the election, Byrne manufactured and promoted fake evidence to convince the world that the 2020 election had been stolen as part of a massive international conspiracy among China, Venezuelan and Spanish companies, the Department of Justice (‘DOJ’), the Department of Homeland Security (‘DHS’), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (‘FBI’), prominent Republicans, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Dominion, which, Byrne falsely claimed, committed fraud and helped steal the 2020 presidential election.

Who was the aforementioned “Russian spy” with whom Byrne was involved? Maria Butina, “who was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being indicted by federal prosecutors for trying to infiltrate powerful political circles in the United States at the direction of the Russian government.”

It only gets better from there:

Byrne has also falsely represented that a convicted felon and college drop-out was in fact a mathematician who had mathematical proof that Dominion machines had stolen the election in Philadelphia—even though Dominion machines were not used in Philadelphia. Byrne even featured the claims of a purported ‘military intelligence analyst’ who was Ramsland’s associate, and who had in fact flunked out of the military’s entry-level training course and later admitted that the affidavit Sidney Powell’s team had written for him to sign was ‘misleading.’

Byrne bankrolled and promoted these facially implausible conspiracy theorists and their fake reports even though he knew that votes are not sent abroad over the internet, but recorded on paper ballots that are stored by local bipartisan election officials in the United States. He knew, or at least recklessly disregarded, that the election fraud myth had originated from Ramsland’s Dallas 2018 election story and had been conclusively disproven by independent audits, hand counts of paper ballots, bipartisan election officials, election security experts, federal judges, DOJ, DHS, the FBI, then-Attorney General Bill Barr, then-Director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (‘CISA’) Chris Krebs, Election Assistance Commissioner Ben Hovland, Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and Republican former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

To explain away why so many knowledgeable sources had rebutted these lies, Byrne and his collaborators falsely claimed that Trump appointees, Republican officials, DHS, DOJ, the FBI, and Chief Justice John Roberts were all in on a massive conspiracy to cover up the theft of the election, that Dominion had bribed elected officials, and that Dominion had shredded.

ballots to cover up the election fraud scheme. During an in-person meeting at the White House, even then-President Donald Trump’s own senior advisors forcefully rejected these lies and told Byrne, Powell, and Flynn how inherently improbable and ridiculous they were, after which Byrne lost access to Trump. Undeterred, Byrne dispatched his so-called ‘cyber experts’ to give MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell the fake spreadsheet containing fake MAC addresses that Lindell has publicly (and falsely) touted as ‘absolute proof’ against Dominion in a series of films he and OAN broadcast.

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Yet despite being put on notice of the facts by Trump’s own senior advisors and Dominion itself—Byrne continues to stick to his manufactured, inherently improbable, profitable, and demonstrable lies. In televised appearances, a blog series, a book, and a film, Byrne continues pushing the election fraud myth about Dominion to this day.

Dominion goes on to write that Byrne is “far too intelligent to buy the nonsense he has been selling to the American public,” describing him as “a serial liar who was previously court-ordered to pay an approximately $1 million judgment for defaming a Canadian businessman.”

The complaint’s opening salvo concludes:

Byrne will not stop lying. But he can be held accountable for his lies. Dominion brings this defamation lawsuit to hold Byrne accountable, to set the record straight, to vindicate its rights, and to recover damages for the devastating economic harm Byrne has done.

That was a mere snippet of what was included in just the first four pages. Click here to read more.

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