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DOJ Called Out For Not Disclosing Matthew Whitaker’s Finances

DOJ Called Out For Not Disclosing Matthew Whitaker’s Finances

Neoconservative analyst Bill Kristol and advocacy group American Oversight have called out the Department of Justice for not making Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s financial disclosure reports public.

Kristol asked the Senate or House Judiciary Committee to summon a hearing on the acting attorney general and noted that Trump administration has not produced, as it is legally required to, forms Whitaker should have filed when he became a senior official in the DOJ more than a year ago.

Here’s Bill Kristol’s full Twitter thread:

Bill Kristol tweets
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American Oversight wrote the Office of Government Ethics to investigate the Department of Justice for not allowing an inspection or providing a copy of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s public financial disclosure reports in a letter dated November 16.

“… transparency is a critical component of the government ethics program of the federal government,” according to the letter the advocacy group sent to the OGE’s director regarding the DOJ’s failure to share the financial report.

To date, the Department of Justice has not allowed inspection or furnished a copy of Whitaker’s public financial disclosure reports, despite the overwhelming public interest in understanding the potential conflicts of interest involving the new Acting Attorney General.

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“Especially given the tremendous responsibilities he has recently assumed as acting head of the Department of Justice, the absence of any public disclosure regarding potential conflicts of interest is quite troubling.”

The DOJ denied a request by the advocacy group to visit the DOJ’s Ethics Office and inspect Whitaker’s financial disclosure reports in person rather than wait for a copy to be prepared and “has not made the reports available for inspection or furnished a copy to any public requester.”

American Oversight said the lack of disclosure raises “the disturbing possibility that Mr. Whitaker has potentially failed to comply with his legal obligations under OGE regulations to file timely public disclosures.”

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